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Eaton Compressor || How to Pick Your Perfect Compressor

Eaton Compressor is aware that, given the overwhelming number of types and sizes of air compressors on the market today, choosing the right compressor to fit your needs can be a daunting task. That’s why they give advice about the parameters consumers should take into consideration when they are researching and buying a compressor. The first question should be, of course, what you intend to use the compressor for. Compressors can be used for anything from pumping a tire to installing trim to high-level sandblasting.


Eaton Compressor advises clients to then consider the frequency of use that they anticipate using the compressor in their application. Will you use it once a month to inflate a bicycle tire, or will the compressor be working continuously in a heavy-duty industrial setting?


Eaton Compressor submits that the next critical factor in evaluation is what size will you need—what SCFM? This is a simple assessment of measuring the total air usage in all of the tools and equipment in your application to at the minimum SCFM you would need in a compressor. Helpful hint: it might be prudent to choose an air compressor capable of delivering at least 50% more SCFM than you require. This allows for some additional available air delivery for bigger projects in the future. Don’t get caught with a compressor that can’t do the job!


Eaton Compressor then suggests that you consider space constraints. No matter how perfect a compressor otherwise is, it is useless to you if it is of a prohibitive size. Further, larger compressors require some additional space for ventilation and safety reasons.


Eaton Compressor also tells consumers to always evaluate your power source. Consumers will need to evaluate what amperage they have available in home or in a commercial setting.  In industrial applications, the evaluation gets more detailed with regard to amperage availability and 3-phase voltage measurement.


Eaton Compressor would then advise you to consider your budget and to evaluate the intangibles of your purchase. Issues of quality, warranty, service support, cost of parts, and cost of maintenance supplies might not seem like pressing issues now, but you’ll be glad you thought of them as time goes on.


Eaton Compressor would gladly work with you to determine which compressor is the best fit for you. We pride ourselves on providing top quality compressors to consumers across the country, and part of what makes us so popular is our personalized service and excellent, high quality products. Visit our website today to learn more!

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